Hummingbird's primary mission is dedicated to Helping Eradicate COVID-19, by Stopping The Spread, Reducing Contaminations, Providing Decontaminations and Providing a New Innovative Antimicrobial Protective Shield Products which provides from 24 hours, 15 days, 28-30 days, 90 days and up to 120 days of COVID-19, protection! Too this end, we are assisting Churches, Homeowners, Schools, Hospitals, Golf Courses, Hotels, Supermarkets, Salons, Vet Shops, Bars & Grills, and others with their disinfecting, and ensuring that each facility is operating within the requirements of Cal/OSHA, CDC, and the EPA Guidelines.

Hummingbird is in this Pandemic and is fighting on your side to Eradicate this virus! We also have loss family members as well as close friends -- And now, American's Death Totals have exceeded 1,000,000 Souls since February 2020; and the Old Delta Variant was here packing a 60% increase in infection rates, from the Original COVID-19. However, ths New Omicron Variant has an unusually high number of mutations and is far more transmissible than the Omicron or the Delta Variant. Please review and become knowledgeable of the New Omicron Variants, BA.4 and BA.5, Sub-Variant that is rapidly spreading in the United States, as of Mid-June 2022.

We truly understand what you are going through and we will provide you with the necessary professional help, in meeting your needs during these unprecedented times. Our Innovative, Scientifically Superior Surface Protection Products will give you COVID-19, protection for up to 120 days, with ONLY a "One-Step Process." Hummingbird also provides solutions with different protection periods -- as mentioned above. The most requested service and product we provide is our 28-30 days plan.

Contact: Hummingbird's Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Protection Department
(916) 742-3507.