MISSION STATEMENT:  Our primary mission is to Help Eradicate this COVID-19, Pandemic by Stopping The Spread, Reducing Contaminations/Decontaminations, thereby Preventing more Deaths from the Virus.  Too this end, we are assisting Homeowners, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Supermarkets, Salons, Churches, Vet Shops, Bars & Grills, and others with their disinfecting, sanitizing, acquiring equipment and ensuring that each facility is being operated and maintained in-accordance-with the mandatory requirements outlined in OSHA, CDC, and the EPA Guidelines.

Furthermore, due to the recent increase in the spread of COVID -19, and the discovery of the New European’s Strain in Colorado, Hummingbird can NO LONGER be concerned about just selling a product. This new strain is reported to be up to 70% more contagious and spread faster than Covid-19.  We must continue to Keep Being Safe, Wash Our Hands, Wear A Mask, Keep Your 6 feet. The Vaccines are here; however, we still need to continue to be vigilant. Unfortunately, this Pandemic has already killed over 398,000, Americans since February 2020.  Hummingbird is fully armed against this new Strain and we desire to be your one and only stop -- concerning Eradicating this Contagious Virus by: (1) Utilizing our “Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services,” and/or (2) By acquiring your own equipment and supplies.  Of course, that's something we can visit/discuss later; now, let's focus on Eradicating this Pandemic!      

Hummingbird shall ensure that your home/facility is in compliance with OSHA, CDC, and EPA Guidelines. Employers face stiff penalties/fines for knowingly not following the mandatory requirements as outlined in 29 USC 654(5)(a)(1) and 29 CFR 1904.5(b)(2) concerning the protection of their employees and working conditions. 

Get peace of mind knowing that your home/facility is following Federal, State and/or Local Guidelines.  Know that you, your family, your employees, and Hummingbird has meet the requirements outlined. You can now Rest Assured they are now properly trained/equipped and will help your business to re-open and thrive in these unprecedented times with an environment that is as safe as possible. 

For immediate help in stopping this Virus, please contact Hummingbird's Disinfecting & Sanitizing Department @ (916) 362-6604.

"Eradicate - Innovate - Educate."


Contact Hummingbird @ (916) 362-6604  (Sacramento CA)