Hummingbird Environmental Consultants, LLC., is a small family oriented and veteran-owned company, operating in Sacramento, CA. We help businesses and homeowners establish and maintain OSHA, CDC, and EPA Guidelines for utilizing the correct and appropriate equipment, supplies and EPA controlled disinfectant cleaning/solutions.  All products for Eradiating this Pandemic/COVID-19, Virus.  Hummingbird is now offering DISINFECTING/SANITIZING and ANTIMICROBIAL SURFACE PROTECTION (90 DAYS) SERVICES as of March 15, 2021.

No job is too small or too large for us because we are utilizing The “Gold Standard,” to sterilize your environment.  Your facility shall be utilizing the New Electrostatic, Fogging, Infrared (no-touch) Thermometers and Atomizing and Misting Machines, etc.  We have one product that will reduce man hours and save valuable cleaning products.  Our products and services are reasonable and can meet your School, Restaurant, Bar & Grill, Home, Golf Course, Supermarket Store, Church, etc. needs -- Give us a try.  

Finally, we as Americans have entered into a "New Paradigm Shift" whereas we will never look at or react the same way about cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, colds, flus, and virus's the way we did prior to 2020.  It is now assumed that we will increase our vigilance year-round concerning any possible biohazards in the future --  "DISINFECT & SANITIZE YEAR- ROUND," is now our New Normal!

We thank you for reviewing our website and pray that you will contact us for your sanitation needs.



                   (916) 362-6604 (Sacramento CA, Home Base)