This Virus is transferred from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. In-addition to the rules of Cal/OSHA, CDC, EPA, 
of “frequent disinfection of surfaces and objects touched by multiple people -- is the primary reason doors are closed. Similarly, establishing the CDC policies of creating a Preventative Maintenance Program within Churches, requires additional personnel, equipment, supplies, and most of all more funds. It seems as though you have no other alternative than to hire an additional cleaning company/personnel to have a COVID-19, Safe & Healthy Church Environment -- NOT TRUE!  Hummingbird will Help Stop The Spread, open the Church and maintain a safe and healthy environment for your congregations.  


But, let’s face it, our congregations might be frightened of developing this Virus and therefore are not eager to returning to our Churches? QUESTIONS: Have the Church Leadership established a designated team that is active and informing the congregations on the status of the Virus and conditions within their Church; and are the congregations getting any written communications, flyers, or hand-outs, from the Church or the local municipalities concerning the latest requirements for re-opening; and are You, The Leadership of the Church aware of what is going on? A NO answer to any of the above questions should tell you a lot about why your Church is closed. Furthermore, Churches no longer have the manpower nor the excess income to spend and we cannot ask or expect our congregations to do the constant wiping and cleaning of our facility, possibly exposing themselves (and us) to the Infectious Coronavirus – 19. So, now what do we do as a Church to Eradicate this Virus from our Houses of Worship?


First, form a Church COVID-19 Response Team, then follow CDC/EPA Guidelines, and contact Cal/OSHA Certified, Hummingbird and let’s get to work. 
Therefore, if you decided to follow our lead, then you must purchase your own equipment and supplies at a cost lower than a one, two-or-three-time cleaning job(s) performed by one of the many cleaning companies out there – we hope you are aware of the cost, if not you should find out as soon as possible.  Hummingbird will assist you in establishing and maintaining CDC/EPA Guidelines for killing The Coronavirus-19, by means of Sanitation Equipment, Chemical Cleaning Solutions as well as the precise PPE, and Infrared Thermometer, etc. Hummingbird will also teach your Church COVID-19 Response Team how to use and maintain the necessary equipment and supplies they need to use to eradicate the Virus. The key to this process is to follow what has been provided by the: Federal, State, and local offices affiliated with the CDC/EPA. Your one-time acquisition from Hummingbird will save you Thousands of Dollars now and in the future!  
Some Churches are having in-person services now, by appointments only; meaning the congregation(s) must call-in and request seating reservations for the services they wish to attend – You know your Church’s CDC limits, so you now must control and permit only that number of parishioners in per service. Those members not able to attend in-person services, should be able to attend the services via telecom, internet such as, Zoom, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. You must also provide the COVID-19 PRIMARY SCREENING SCRIPT, prior to entry. NO MASK – NO ENTRY, NO EXCEPTIONS (the Church must provide)! Take temperature(s), keep your 6 feet distance, and READ: COVID-19 PRIMARY SCREENING SCRIPT. You must inform your Church that seating is extremely limited due to the restrictions imposed by the CDC, CA State, and local municipalities, concerning How To Safety Re-open Your Church. Remembering – The 6 ft rule apply from the time the member(s) enter into the Church and, they must wear their masks at all times, until they leave the Church. Your in-house COVID-19 Response Team have already insured that the Church has been disinfected, sanitized and is setup according the CDC Guidelines.


After your first service is over and the Church is now closed, you should now decontaminate and sanitize the Church following the same procedures as per the first service or the day. It is also suggested that during the collections of funds the members should remain seated and collection should be deposited in an assigned box or other type container positioned for safe and easy collection.  Finally, it is recommended that you install a piece of plexiglass (three-piece section) around the Minister’s Stand/Podium. Please continue to review the website and you might find what you and your Church need to re-open. Hummingbird is willing and able to assist you and your congregations.


Again, Hummingbird Pray for your success in your struggles with this contagious Coronvisus-19. God Speed!
Hummingbird is Cal/OSHA COVID-19, Certified.


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