Why Are House's of Faith Closed?


This Virus is transferred from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. In-addition to the guidelines/rules of Cal/OSHA, CDC, EPA, 
of “frequent disinfection of surfaces and objects touched by multiple people -- However, it is the primary reason doors are closed. Similarly, establishing the Cal/OSHA and the CDC policies of creating a Preventative Maintenance Program within Churches, requires additional personnel, equipment, supplies, and most of all more funds.  It seems as though you have no other alternative than to hire an additional cleaning company/personnel to have a COVID-19, Safe & Healthy Church Environment -- NOT TRUE!  Hummingbird will Help Stop The Spread, open the Church and help maintain a safe and healthy environment for your congregations.                                                                                                           
First, form a Church COVID-19 Response Team, then follow Cal/OSHA, CDC/EPA Guidelines, and contact Cal/OSHA Certified, Hummingbird and let’s get to work. Oh course, Hummingbird will handle all of your Pandemic needs, from Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting and applying our 120 days of a COVID-19, FREE ENVIRONMENT!   With Hummingbird's Surface Shield Protection, you will only need to apply this application/process four (4) times a year -- that's once every quarter -- you will save time, workers, training, money, and most importantly, "People Lives."
Since California's Re-Opening, on June 15, 2021, some Churches are having full in-person services, while others are attending via telecom, internet such as, Zoom, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Outside of Church, etc.  From our daily observations of the COVID-19, situation, we recommend that we continue our previous directions and/or guidelines for in-person attendance at our Houses of Faith.  (1) COVID-19 PRIMARY SCREENING SCRIPT, prior to entry. (2) NO MASK – NO ENTRY, NO EXCEPTIONS (the Church must provide)!  (3) Take temperature(s), (4) keep your 6 feet distance and (5) Wear your mask throughout your present in the Church.  Your in-house COVID-19 Response Team have already insured that the Church has been disinfected, and is setup according with the CDC Guidelines.  After your first service is over and the Church is now closed, you should now decontaminate and disinfect the Church following the same procedures as per the first service or the day.  


Finally, it is recommended that you install a piece of plexiglass (three-piece section) around the Minister’s Stand/Podium.  Hummingbird is willing and able to assist you and your congregations.  Hummingbird is not licensed in the areas of pandemics forecasting -- However, we are just passing-on what we learned from World Health Organization (WHO), in the latest communication from some major news organizations.  


Again, Hummingbird Pray for your success in your struggles with this contagious Coronvisus-19. Hummingbird is Cal/OSHA COVID-19, Certified.


        God Speed!          Just give us a call: (916) 742-3507