SPECIAL NOTE:  Prices are listed as per SQ/FT, and includes everything within the area being treated.                                                                                                        






 120 Days       Antimicrobial

Surface Shield      Protection


   Vehicle      Disinfection


    Degreasing Surfaces






                 EPA’s N-Listed Disinfectant  






         Antimicrobial                  Surface Protection Shield





        120 Days            Antimicrobial

Surface Shield           Protection






Electrostatic          Sprayers











        $.16  SF 

        $.10 SF



    *$.25 SF


    $30  PER          VEHICLE                        





COST FOR  SERVICES: Preventive  (Standard Service)                                                                                                                                      

 Under 10k------------$0.16



 11k – 25k-------------$0.14


51k + -----------------$0.10









One-time     $0.75

Recurring   $0.50




Antimicrobial Surface Shield Protection Up to 120 Days.........$0.25

This deep cleaning process consist of a combination of hand wiping and/or utilizing our Innovative Professional Electrostatic Disinfection Machine (Sprayer) to apply the Protective Surface Shield that is EPA Approved for use against SARS-COV-2, THE VIRUS THAT CAUSES COVID-19; to include surfaces that are Soft/Hard, Curtains, Drapes, Blinds, Furniture, Equipment, etc.

         EPA/CDC High-Touch Points for COVID-19  (Areas & Items)

Counter Tops        Workstations:  Barber Shops/Beauty & Nail 

Salons/Bars,  Elevator/Buttons    Doorknobs/Handles    Security Cards, 

Registers/Keyboards    Escalator Handrails    Faucets/Toilet and Sinks

Computers/Printers     Telephones/Televisions and Hand Remotes    

Water Fountains  Stadiums/Concert Halls/Centers, Parks, Sports 

& Recreation, Desk & Chairs, and Garbage/Trash Cans.


This New Innovative Process includes chemicals approved by the EPA and is currently being utilized by Ohio State, Lucas Oil Stadium, other Universities, Gyms and High Schools around the country.  These institutions are receiving up to 120 days of protection from COVID-19 -- Meaning their facilities are (1) Sanitized; (2) Disinfected and (3) Protected for up to 120 days, all by a one-step process, with a three (3) minute dwell-time.  No other product made in the U.S. of A, can make that claim!

Finally, we must FIRST direct our attention towards Churches, Houses of Faith, Schools, Movie Theaters, Sports Stadiums (Events), Convention Halls, Entertainment Ventures, Super Markets, Golf Courses, their Shopping Carts/Playing Carts, Individuals Personal Homes, Apartments, Condos, Gas Station's Pumps, Restrooms, and any other operations where we have 100s to 1000s of people in attendance at any time.  We can't afford to keep letting this Pandemic take us down, when WE KNOW WHAT TO DO!  The larger the gettering, the more likely the negative outcome will be.  However, with the One-Step, 3 minutes dwell time COVID-19 Killer & Surface Shield Protector being applied we will not have all those reported negative results, including the loss of life.  Please continue, to do your due diligence before putting your business and clients at the RISK of unnecessary personal injury due to our negligence, in failing to operate in accordance with the mandatory Cal/OSHA, CDC/EPA, WHO, and Sacramento County Requirements for operating SAFETY within this New California Re-Opening Period. 

Feel free to contact Hummingbird concerning anything about the above operational procedures.  You can reach us at (916) 742-3507 or (916) 747-6266.  Thanks for reviewing this website and may God Continues to Bless you, your family and your operations.